The Battalion

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:romance topic:war advisory:Web 14 advisory:violence art:manga style format:episodic setting:locality:urban setting:locality:wilderness setting:culture:american

A military-fantasy webcomic about a teenage girl with special powers - and an attitude to match.

Hienna Cavallon, a rather devious teenager, possesses the power to manipulate the wind.

Without being given an explanation, she, her best friend, and her brother are thrown into Camp Rosaire, a military base for those with abilities like their own. As a new member, Hienna challenges the commanding Aero division officer, continuously clashing with him and testing his patience. She makes friends and enemies, and learns what it means to be part of a team. She takes matters into her own hands, pushing through hardships and overcoming her own limitations, despite all she stands to lose.

The Battalion is a long-form story-based webcomic.

Genres include Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Military, Comedy, and Romance

Rated PG-13 for Violence and Mild Language

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