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Set in a world of endless cloud seas, Evus is a steampunk-inspired story about adventure and discovery – of both the world outside and the one within.

The planet of Nem is a troubled one, torn by brutal wars between its three nations for as long as anyone can remember. As technology continues to advance and the battlefronts become ever more deadly, mysterious events have arisen. Entire cities drop from the sky without warning, sinking into the lethal storms of the Underclouds. Crystalline monsters emerge from these storms, attacking and eating unsuspecting people at night. No weapons can harm them, and no one knows their intentions. Some believe the war may be the cause, while others suspect it’s the fault of Evus, a mysterious, highly illegal, and supposedly lethal art.

In the midst of this chaos, an idealistic boy named Wester comes face-to-face with the reality of the world’s crisis. Fearing the eventual fall of his beloved hometown, he and his troubled sister set off on a journey to their capital city. Little does he know, his life will quickly become far greater and far darker than he could have ever imagined.

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