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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:horror genre:satire

Epic silliness as mischievous Elves get into a prank war with Loki and end up being turned into vampires.
The Elvanpyres (Burning Elves) try to end the curse by creating Human Vampires, but this surprisingly turns out to be a very bad idea.
It's all magical fun and games until Cthulu's vindictive High Priestess gets pissed off.

Expect lot's of quick one panel PARODIES – The “Shout-Out” Page currently lists over 50 – (Comics, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Etc.)

Over 100 pages of comics completed so far, with the artwork having improved to “doesn't suck”.

The website also has a full suite of ancillary support pages (About, Cast, Storyline/Spoilers, Bonus comics)

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