The War of Winds

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The Four Winds are not a legend as the people have come to believe. Created by the gods for the sole purpose of protecting the land and people, even the peace they brought to the First Days could not last. After all, peace is only that small interlude between wars, and there has always been war. Just ask the gods.

The adventure begins in the midst of the battle that exiles the Wolf, the North Wind-the only one of the Four whose power and strength rivals that of his brother, the East. With the Wolf gone, the Dragon, the East Wind, is free to put his own plan in motion, and bring upon the second rising of his Empire that the North had crushed a millennium ago.

The few who survive the battle are doomed to be drawn back into the fighting, even if the world has forgotten how it all began. Tired of dodging demons, bounty hunters and assassins with pedigrees sent by the East, they have no choice but to fight back, but quickly find out neither humans, nor the more powerful race of melded man and beast called the Ayenroki, have a chance of surviving. The only way is to find the fourth Guardian, the North Wind, and once again even the playing field. Even stalemate is better than defeat. "

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