Autumn Bay

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:horror:supernatural genre:weird

The myths and legends of old, the mad ravings of a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, even a lot of what you see in the tabloids; they're all true. The world is far stranger than most people realize, and even the most outlandish of things, under the right circumstances, could happen. Myriad beshadowed factions have carefully guarded this secret throughout history.

One night, an explosion of cosmic energy tears open this carefully maintained veil, and at the center of it all is an entity known as Nesariel.

A team of specialists gather to hunt this mysterious being. Two friends on a night out are whisked away to a nightmarish future. An investigative journalist searches for the truth, even if it costs her life and liberty. A scientist on the fringe of what's considered possible analyzes the strangeness. More and more people are drawn into the bizarre world behind the one we know.

Lives change, and the truth comes to light about a city where anything can happen.

Conspiranoid Urban Mad Science Fantasy. Updates Monday & Thursday.

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