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In this fantasy world exist an unknown empire, which has the ability to travel into different, parallel realms. Our knowledge is limited of this empire, but the assumptions are indicating that it is ruled by elves and their intentions are not so pure. They are usually invading the other realms with great force to gather the resources and enslave the people. Currently there are two stories ongoing, The Legend and The Secret. The Legend is about three adventurers trying to survive in their unforgiving realm. Morten is a human warrior, who forgot the past of his life. Brem Ghdin is dwarf priest, who tried to have piece in religion after he gave up being a siege engineer. Nandiel is an elf wizard, who doesn’t tell much about himself, but has an annoying personality. The story began in a distant town of nowhere, in the Skinned Mole tavern. The fate has brought our main characters together in that town. This story is spiced with some RPG elements and the characters are well aware of it. The Secret is about two characters trying to save their realm. Ghilrond, an elf, guardian of the realm, banished himself from the public to be alone with his thoughts and his master, Fandrulin at the edge of the world. After a cataclysmic event, he had to abandon his solitude and began travel to the capital city. Lyrineth is a human thief. She met Ghilrond in the first human village he stayed to rest with some unlucky coincidences. After that she decided not to leave his side and since then they are traveling together.
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