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EYKiR - Everything You Know is RIGHT! - depicts a world we're all familiar with.

A world that is the sum of every single one of our deepest, darkest, most paranoid fears.

Global warming. Killer asteroids. Soulless, monopolistic megacorporations. Hostile alien invaders. Irrevocably corrupt government. Pointlessly vapid mass-media. All-consuming, all-pervading, completely unsafe technology.

And above it all, the shadowy elite of an ancient secret society are laughing at us. Laughing at us, because we're all utterly blind to the forces that have conquered every inch of the world without so much as a whimper - forces that only they have the power to control.

All of us save one - Amy Landers; part time tabloid columnist, full time conspiracy theorist.

After a chance run-in with The Powers That Be, only Amy has the unique insight necessary to free Earth from those that lay claim to the minds of its people.

The only problem is that nobody will listen to her, because she's a freaking tabloid columnist.

I mean, seriously, she once wrote a six-part expose on Bigfoot and his connections to Freemasonry.

We're all screwed.


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