Tomorrow Jerks

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Andrew and Alex are a couple of jerks. They steal porn.They light children’s birthday cakes on fire. They prank call suicide risks. If the tough-as-nails, anthropomorphic walrus Bonnie did not grace Andrew and Alex with her friendship, they’d have met a horrific end years ago.

But even the very capable Bonnie might not be able to protect the jerks from Carter J. Killingsworth, murderous mogul. Years ago, this despot of industry crossed paths with the duo in what has become known today as the mysterious “Santiago Affair.” What happened during that incident is between the jerks, Killingsworth, and a handful of jewel thieves. But ever since, Mr. Killingsworth has had only vengeance on his mind.

The jerks and Bonnie try to avoid everything that Mr. Killingsworth throws at them, like sleazy detectives, unstable hitmen, and a giant laser. Do they escape the horrors of this dystopian wasteland? Find out!

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