The Angel with Black Wings

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THE ANGEL WITH BLACK WINGS is a drama-fantasy webcomic that follows the story of a highschool boy, Ray de Luz who has an uncanny ability to see winged beings known as angels.

After a series of events, he became friends with a mysterious angel who has a set of black wings instead of white like all angels have. Eventually, that angel volunteered to be his personal guardian.

As time passes by, the two of them grew closer to each other and The Angel with Black Wings’ dark past slowly unravels. Ray suddenly finds himself getting involved with the issues within the angelic society and the latter’s troubles with them.

Will Ray’s involvement benefit her situation? or will it send her deeper into the abyss of guilt?

Written and created by Mharz, this manga-styled comic aims to touch people’s hearts with flawed yet relatable characters whether you’re a teen or an adult.

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