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A print shop owner struggles to keep his family afloat in a chaotic economy overrun with professional crooks.

Aleksandr Navtalov is the unlikely owner of a printing business in New Russia, and he's inevitably found himself under the thumb of a "security company" who he pays off in phony dollar bills. It's illegal, but it's not like he's committing murder or anything, and it's the only way he can support his family right now, so is it so bad?

But the racketeers are tired of counterfeits. They want real cash they can rely on. Aleks needs to expand his customer base, fast. And in Moscow, the rich are known as the Unlimited because they don't answer to any laws at all. When Aleks risks taking them on as part of his new clientele, they keep forcing him to choose between his business and his integrity. He'll need to navigate this chaotic world carefully if he doesn't want to eventually choose between his business and his life.

This comic's content is rated mature (17+): Violence, blood and gore, sexual content, strong language.

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