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The world burns - but before that, it simmers in its own misery.

Two hundred and forty-eight sweeps have passed since a living troll has seen the DYING SUN: red, bloated, and CRAWLING EVER SO SLOWLY CLOSER TO YOUR PLANET’S SURFACE - all obscured by the raging electric storms that seem to eternally sweep the planet. The poles have long since MELTED AWAY into the ocean, and the continents have long since been reduced to a FRACTION OF THEIR FORMER SELVES. What’s left is a VAST GLOBAL ARCHIPELAGO and a NEW, WATERY WAY OF LIVING for the seething masses of trolls left behind by their queen.

THE OCEANS have merged and married between LITERAL THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS; where there were once SIXTEEN GREAT SEAS, there is a SINGLE INFINITELY GREATER SEA, slowly swallowing your planet whole. Between vast stretches of TREACHEROUS AND STORMY WAVES there are remains of MOUNTAINTOPS and VOLCANOES, and not much else. Beholden to naught but the stars are the GREAT FLOATING CITIES: thousands of ships lashed together in a tentative bond against the worst the world can throw at their lot.

The Empress is gone. The world is drowning. The Sun is dying.

What will you do now?

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