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Witches are a species apart from humans, they look like them and talk like them, but have the ability to change the shape of their bodies at will.

They are also pretty ok with the whole concept of cannibalism, which has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Charlotte grew up in exile due to her parent´s crimes, and had a relatively peaceful life until her mother´s death, when she and her father had to flee into another dimension known as "Hell". In there, Charlotte discovers there´s some kind of climate that is turning everyone insane named "Aroma of Hell".

Her best friend is dead now, but she´s not ready to part ways with him, so she builds two new bodies made from the remains of the kid. These new bodies are known as "dolls".

Sadly, she was´t able to fully rescue her father from the effects of the aroma, but now is on the run from the King of Witches, a powerful (and resentful) entity that has a vendetta with her family.

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