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There was a war. A great war. The war between good and evil. Angels fought demons through humans. Humanity was destroyed. It took only a few years for angels & demons to destroy 80% of the human population.

Ancient pagan Gods joined the fight because they got tired from this useless destruction. They came back to take whatever they once ruled. They didn't join any sides in this war. They took their lost possessions and prepared to destroy whichever side will dare to threaten them. Baltic Gods divided Lithuania into three areas which were ruled by the trinity of Gods, Perkunas, Patrimpas & Velnias. Dievas Tevas became the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Soon, some Gods revolted against this new structure. The Goddess of death, Giltine killed the God Patrimpas and took control over Sudovia & Dainava. Her sister the Goddess of destiny Laima built armies to help her mother Leda to take over the throne of Lithuania from their father. The Grand Duke Dievas Tevas imprisoned the powerful mother of the Gods Leda & sent his oldest son Perkunas to eliminate the Goddesses Giltine & Laima. The God of thunder was successful. He enslaved the Goddess of destiny and turned the mighty mistress of death into four minor gods & goddesses: Duke Enaras Giltine - the death for love, Lady Arachne Giltine - the death for the beauty, Marujama Esmiroda - the death for power, Cunamis - the death for money. Perkunas made his wife the Goddess of the land Zemyna to be the Duchess of Sudovia & Dainava Because the God Velnias was too afraid to fight the Goddesses, the supreme God Dievas Tevas took away his title & the area which was given to him. The Grand Duke made Velnias into a bastard.

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