Girls of Monster Paradise

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It happens every time! Whenever there’s a get-together at a prom dance, house party, drive-in or beach blanket bingo, along comes some bug-eyed monster who carries off some unsuspecting girl. This inevitability can sure turn a red-hot barbeque into a stone-cold drag!

But what about the girl? What will become of her? What terrible fate awaits?! Just where the heck is that monster taking her anyhow?!?

Why, she’s taken to Monster Paradise, a luxurious island where monsters take the beautiful women they have abutted in all those adventure, sci-fi and horror tales over the years! You don’t think that they were all rescued, did you? More to the point, what makes you think these gals even want to be rescued?

Nope, our “castaways” are there by choice; the girls live on a tropical paradise with near-perfect weather and “bamboo-modern” conveniences. Plus, they hang out with monsters! Despite their looks, monsters are the coolest, most fun-loving critters around!

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