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Categories: genre:satire genre:romance topic:glbt advisory:Web 14 setting:locality:urban setting:culture:american

A webcomic about Melvin the gamer getting his wish to meet Milton - his video game character crush - in real life.

Melvin is a humble gamer obsessed with the mysterious urban legend of Milton’s Game. He has done a lot of research on it and somewhere along the way developed a huge crush on the main character.

Milton is a chaotic digital trickster entity with the power to manipulate technology and anything digital. Through this they posses reality altering powers which have resulted in people in secretive online communities believing that by playing Milton’s Game you can summon Milton and they will grant you one wish of any kind.

What happens when Melvin commits to going through the ritual needed to summon the digital trickster inhabiting the corrupted game cart to grant him a very special wish? Comedic awkwardness, nervous jitters and surprisingly earnest interactions peppered with adult humor in the short comic Pixelwish!

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