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In the past decade, social media have become one of the main sources of news for people around the world. Yet, it comes with the danger of exposure to intentionally false information. The extensive spread of fake news has recently become a centerpiece of controversy following the highly debated elections of President Donald Trump and the Brexit vote. The ambition of Prof. Bronstein’s project « GoodNews » is to build the technological capability for algorithmic fake news detection in social media using a novel paradigm.

In the magic kingdom imagined by Lorenzo Ghetti & Francesco Guarnaccia, reality is controlled by forces beyond logic, where strange stories begin to spread – stories that challenge the legends upon which life in the Kingdom is built. What if it’s true that cold-healing spells are part of a conspiracy, and diseases are actually caused by some invisible entities called “bacteria”? What if the Earth is not a blueberry pancake resting on the back of a Cosmic Guinea Pig, but a sphere rotating in space?

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