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Enter: Raymond Fox, a clumsy and sarcastic, teenage fox in a world of anthropomorphic animals, who most seem to have special abilities and powers. Raymond, himself, is a stubborn vigilante of the capital municipality, Meva City.

Ray posses the ability to manipulate heat and plasma energy. Combined with his powers, he’s a skilled mixed martial artist, has unmatched agility, and he’s deceptively cunning. Unfortunately, his clumsiness, makes things worse for him. He’s been a vigilante for only 3 months, and the entirety of Meva City hate his guts for his mishaps, labeling him a mischievous ARSONIST rather them calling him a hero.

His #1 motive is to prove himself worthy of his gifts and reconcile his mistakes. Ray’s journey for catharsis begins when he is forced by law to redeem himself by joining the team of the unlikely daredevils, Asuka and Summer. Follow Ray and his new allies as they explore the bizarre world around him and catch a lot of bad guys.

Ray Fox is a Action/Adventure story of comedic antics and drama. Some material may not be suitable for minors due to mild language, nudity, and mild graphic nature and violence.


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