Legacy's Call

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The Gaia Knights were a band of super powered teenage girls chosen to defend the Earth against the invading horde of malevolent, life energy sucking Demons. After many adventures, the Knights thwarted the schemes of the Demons and defeated their Queen, restoring peace to the world. The secret war between the Knights and the Demons came to a nearly Earth-shattering end and humanity hailed the young women as heroes. With the menace vanquished and the world at peace once again, the girls went their separate ways.

Our story begins fifteen years later in a world where humanity has settled into a bold, new future from the scars of the past, remnants of the Gaia Knights’ war on the Demons still linger and old foes begin to resurface to finish what was started.

Iris, the daughter of the leader of the Gaia Knights feels the pressure of the world around her and to uphold her family’s ever looming legacy.

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