Alice in Mobland

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Added on: 2020-04-24 07:19:13

Categories: genre:fantasy:superhero

After a year of exile ALICE returns to the Wonderland looking for some answers about her past. She is 25 years old, very skilled with weapons, and an expert fighter in other words a “Hit-man”.

Back in the city she gets in touch with a snitch to get an update on what has been going on. She escaped after stealing $500,000 from her old boss RISON, the head mobster in town, who used to work for the Governor CHARLES HARTH, the puppet master.

When RISON finds out she is back in town, he puts her back to work with old team and her mentor TRAN, a 7 foot tall tiger. He will make sure that ALICE doesn’t escape before she earns all the money back that she stole. But what is going to happen when the truth comes to light? A little secret could change who runs the show!!!

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