The Institute of Metaphysics

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  1. Don't cross the Headmaster or you'll regret it. Trust me.
  2. Respect everyone's species and race, or lack thereof.
  3. The teachers are better than you at vengence.
  4. Don't lie to the seers.
  5. All battles may take place only in class.
  6. If you sense a disturbance in the Balance of Forces, notify a teacher.

Short Summary: Ever wish school was more ... interesting?

I mean, sure you have that last minute "Oh shit, I forgot!" rush every once in awhile, but really. Something else should happen than a demon running through and setting stuff on fire, or a mujina accidentally breaking reality... again.

Where's the real action?

Welcome to the Insitute of Metaphysics, an advanced studies boarding school and university for the paranormal, ages 14+. Everything and everyone has a story, from the "I see dead people" tales to the "Cursed and searching for a cure" epics.

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