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Categories: genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery

Geeks and Goblins is a lighthearted story about an adventuring party’s quest in a fantasy role playing game. Our five heroes are Anorra, human paladin (played by Anna); Gondur, dwarf fighter (played by Darren); Aaleonis, half-elf ranger (played by Frank); Otto, the secretive cleric (played by Shane); and Gil, gnome spell caster (played by Pete). The game is narrated and ran by Jim. When our story begins, the party is investigating some odd weather and meets their new recruit. The story is published in comic book sized images and will be grouped together in issues and by story arcs.

Since the heroes portrayed in this comic represent the Player as well as the Character, special consideration had to be given since the comic doesn’t generally have separate drawings for the players themselves. What the artist has worked out is that when the character speaks off frame it will be a light color coded background inside of a boxed text. The color of the background will reflect the character’s color, be it hair or clothing. If you are unsure as to who is talking, just look up at the banner!

Thanks to all of those who provided feedback for this transition.

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