Cashmere Sky

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Added on: 2023-02-08 15:38:43

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Categories: genre:sci-fi genre:furry

In Ion Valley, a vast majority of the world is covered in a thick poisonous fog. Land has become scarce, forcing the population to move to higher ground. As wars were fought and decades passed, factions began to form on the remaining land masses. Being geographically rich in resources with large territory, it didn’t take long for Ion Valley to establish worldwide dominance. However, not everyone was so lucky.

Refugees are pouring in. Tensions are brewing. Whispers of rebellion are in the air. As Police Commissioner, Abram Cashmere has been in charge of keeping Ion Valley safe. There have been sightings of strange machines all over the valley that lead Abram into a dangerous investigation, which unfortunately costs him his life.

Devastated by the news, the family must learn to persevere. As the years pass, Arlo and Enzo stumble upon secrets regarding their father’s untimely death. As their journey continues, they must gather their courage as the perils they face become far greater than they ever anticipated. They must find a way to not just avenge their father, but save the entire world!

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