Grimm's Edge

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Added on: 2024-04-25 09:48:41

Categories: genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery site:Tapas

You don‘t need to know his name. The only thing that matters is his crusade, and if you stand in his way, he‘ll cut you down with his mighty sword. A sword called „Grimm“ that he claims can cut EVERYTHING. He‘s a lone Warrior on a journey with a distinct direction: North. That‘s where he‘s headed... Until the day of his fateful encounter with Elise Kranz, a young Princess on the run, trying to escape her arranged marriage to the nefarious Count Blaubart. During a bloody confrontation with a monstrous, cannibalistic Knight, the lone Warrior steps in to become the unexpected champion for the Princess. Little does Elise know that her destined path is closely entangled with her reluctant savior. She only made her first step into a bigger world full of exciting adventures, strange places, dangerous foes, and... death.
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