Holding Chaos

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Regan O'Connell seems to have it all. She has a PhD and works as a project manager with a small consulting company. And unbeknownst to her co-workers, she's a one hundred and thirty-year-old demi-human, with a magical pedigree that includes vampires and elven royalty.

But harnessing her magical ability has never been easy. Immature by the standards of immortals, she has little-to-no control over the magic that simmers in her blood. For more than a century, she has been a Wolfe, a secret operative for the vampire syndicate the Grey Brethren. And for just as long, she has hidden her magical disability, struggling with one paranormal misadventure after another. Tired of her shenanigans, the Grey Brethren station her in Albuquerque, far out-of-the-way by paranormal standards.

But the arrival of a mysterious user of chaotic magic, a world destroying power, spells the end of Regan's trouble-free existence. Soon after, her undead employers issue an ultimatum: find and neutralize the chaotic magic user or find a new job. To make matters worse, she has inadvertently started a war, and developed a surprising attraction to a human. Sorting the mess out will require a little help from her friends, some growing up, and acceptance that she will never be a practitioner of conventional magic.

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