King of the Unknown

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In a world where everything we’ve been told is not quite what it seems and danger lurks around every corner, there is only one man who can save us from the impending apocalypse: The King of the Unknown!

But there are some threats even the King can’t handle alone, and that’s when he calls on the Masters of the Unknown: a ragtag team of mythological comrades that he’s assembled over the years to put the dark forces of the supernatural in their place. From deep inside the hidden headquarters of the Institute for Research and Study of the Unknown (IRSU), the King leads this elite team of legends. Always at his side are his good friend Leonardo Da Vinci (his spirit in a robot body, to be exact), Grace Connor, the group’s latest specialist in cryptozoology (and object of the King’s romantic advances), and Agent H, head of a secret branch of the CIA and one-time rock icon. With these guys on the case, the forces of evil don’t stand a chance!

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