Dark Places

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The light of civilisation has nearly faded from the world, surviving only as fragile embers amid the ashes of past glory. There are some who would see the spark of civilisation rekindled to burn bright once more. There are others who would see even these last points of light extinguished once and for all, to plunge the world forever into hopeless barbarism.

Dark Places is about those who go beyond the flickering circle of firelight, who leave behind the comfort and security of the familiar – such as it is – to explore hidden ruins in search of forgotten riches, to slay monsters or to uncover the secret lore from the dust of fallen empires.

Some are opportunistic treasure-hunters, little better than looters and tomb-robbers interested only in personal gain. Others strive to rescue and preserve the wisdom of ages past, knowledge that might allow enlightenment to flourish once again. Yet others strike out against the dangerous creatures that infest the wilderness and threaten their homes and their communities, bold protectors and avengers who dare to confront monsters in their own lairs.

Whatever their motives, they all must learn to survive in the wilderness where there is no government, no order, no law beyond that which they themselves impose. They will face horrors that can break body and mind alike, and even the survivors rarely return unchanged.

Those who prevail might win riches and renown.

Those who fail will lose everything.

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