What's Normal Anyway?

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How would you define normal? Is it when you wear shoes on your feet at the mall or eat toast for breakfast? Is it when you’re female and feel like a woman? What happens when you go somewhere else and they don’t even have shoes or toast, or when you’re in a group of people who are female and don’t feel at all like women?

What’s Normal Anyway is a webcomic that discusses the trans male experience and aims to add another voice representing a part of the wide spectrum of human diversity. And be funny about it too.

Morgan Boecher of Florida, USA is the creative genius behind What’s Normal Anyway, and he is grateful for having lots of talented and funny friends to help make this webcomic possible. Although certain traits of Mel, the star of WNA, might intersect with Morgan’s life, this webcomic is by no means an autobiography. If it were it probably would be much less interesting since Morgan will only ever encounter so many of the myriad issues relevant to the trans experience.

Updates are on every other Monday, which is also when Morgan takes his T shot. Perhaps this is so because it helps him remember to do one or the other.

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