Ebin & May

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One of the most popular stories from the pages of Furrlough, Ebin & May webcomic collects the stories featuring plenty of medieval romance, intrigue and adventure!

Prince Ebin thought he had finally put his life back together after the loss of both his kingdom and his royal family to Emperor Houman of the Felious Empire. Protected and tutored by the mystical knights, Lord Valkyn and Lady Rani, and loved deeply by the enchanting peasant girl, May, he felt at peace in his foster kingdom of Sirius. But Houman the Great has finally turned his eyes on Ebin's new homeland. Ebin, with May forever by his side, must reenter the deadly world of medieval court politics, in a desperate attempt to protect everything he now holds dear!

Art and Story by Christina "Smudge" Hanson
Art Assistance by Ed Garcia and Baron Engel

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