Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum

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Black Snow is the dark, gritty, yet oddly comedic modern day noir story of a struggling wannabe superhero who inadvertently finds himself in the middle of a gang war for the control of Detroit and the police retaliation. The central figure, Black Snow, is a chain-smoking alcoholic “superhero” who aspires for fame, but has settled for greed, as he has turned helping people in trouble into a business. He has an incredible variety of super powers, but can’t manage to control any of them. He is surrounded by a large ensemble cast consisting of friends, family, rivals, enemies and plain old acquaintances who make up the inhabitants of the Motor City. It is a complex tale full of subplots, surprises, philosophy, action and a whole lot of heart.

Will Black Snow ever succeed and rise up to become the true hero he originally set out to be, or will he continue to spiral down until ultimately self destructing?

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