Bedlam Genesis

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Bedlam Genesis is set in an alternate reality of Numinous and Humans. Both the planet and Magic are relatively new concepts, but Numinous have thrived on each for much longer. They have been blessed with an immediate connection with either all or specific elements of Mana at birth. Through their years, they hone in on these abilities, making them a race not to be discriminated against, although it still does occur. Humans are too wary to grasp at the arts of Magic, since it takes them a lifetime just to master one. Around this era, the gods and goddesses of each individual Mana element has been in ruling for a reputable amount of time; there are still, however, some forces left untamed to chance and fate. This story follows the tale of two goddesses in the making -- but neither of them are remotely aware of their responsibilities.

The elements of fate have thrown the girls into each others paths, and the balance of what's right and wrong weighs on how they view each other. Each side hopes for the destruction of the opposing force, so that the scale will be tipped to their favor, but what happens if they decide to be friends?

This story is rated R due to its content being too intense in near all fields: language, sexual themes, violence, gore, and substance abuse. I don't recommend this for anyone who's had a very traumatizing experience in their lives.

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