The Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean

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he Epic Odyssey of Thomas McLean is a story about disappointment, growing up, and facing adulthood as a millennial fresh out of college.

It’s also a story about fantasy RPG video games.

Thomas McLean grew up being told a simple formula: do good in school, go to college, get good job, meet good girl, succeed at life. Steps 1 and 2 were no problem – but good jobs are scarce, the good girl broke up with him, and succeeding at life doesn’t seem possible while stuck feeding grumpy tourists at Fisherman’s Wharf day in and day out. Disillusioned and afraid that he’s wasting his 20s going nowhere, Thomas spends his nights wishing he could just escape.

But when his wish is granted and he’s flung into a world that is remarkably similar to the video games he plays, he begins to question his own priorities. And so, with the help of the people he meets there, it’s up to Thomas to face monsters, magic, mayhem and the specter of his own doubt to become a hero.

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