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Scientific Madness is a webcomic about a Mad Scientist and his son, who try to live their lives in a moderately realistic suburban setting, the realistic part being that there’s no magic or superpowers – unless they’re explained away with ridiculous mockeries of science. They often get themselves into all kinds of strange situations, mostly caused by human error and a reckless disregard of ethics.

Scientific Madness started in 2008, primarily as a reason for the author to keep improving his creative skills, but after a great amount of positive comments, it quickly evolved into a ‘real’ webcomic. After being hosted as a subsite of for the first year and a half, the comic got its own domain name and current site redesign in august 2009. A year later the comic experienced a drastic decrease in updates due to an unforseen circumstance that required a complete rebranding. Since then, the comic has been updating on an extremely erratic monday-friday schedule due to other circumstances. The plan for 2012 is to finally be a bit more consistant again.

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