Jade Warriors

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MIKE DEODATO'S JADE WARRIORS tells the story of the last generation of warrior women genetically engineered to conceive, give birth to, and protect the child of a Dragon! The Dragons were undisputed rulers of the prehistoric Earth, but were wiped out in the same cataclysm that killed off nearly every other living thing on the planet. This Dragon, having disguised his true form by masquerading as a Japanese crimelord, is the last of his kind, who intends to use the child's powers to repopulate the species, take over Japan,and from there, the entire planet, with him as it's ruler. Angel Sorayama, code named Deathkiss, was once part of the Jade Warriors, until one night she killed one of her clan sisters and fled into the night. The remaining team members have sworn to bring her back to their master, at any cost, while Deathkiss has sworn to stop her formaer master, even if she has to kill the only family she's ever known to do so. Deathkiss has only two allies to back her up-- Bob Campbell, a freelance writer; and Naomi Sellers, the manager of an exotic dance club. Not exactly a "dream team" when going up against assassins with a lifetime of training! And what part with the nigh-indestructible Ramthar play in this battle?
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