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Groovy, Kinda, is a romantic webcomic starring Larry Pye, a nerdy engineer, alcoholic artist Edison Lighthouse, and Anya Langerak, a sweet children's librarian with a rather kinky "condition." One difference with Groovy, Kinda, is that the characters are in their late 30's. Groovy, Kinda takes place in the mythical state of Jefferson, in the mountains of the West Coast, in the mythical time of the 1990's. We call the look GroovyPunk, a 70's mashup of polyester, bellbottoms, and cool technology. There's a robot named Stephanie, a gay Neanderthal named Toivo, airships, hovercars, and a few references to Tom Swift books, all lovingly rendered in glorious black and white.

Groovy, Kinda is a sequel of sorts to Charlie Wise's graphic novel: "Blue Moon; The Adventures of Lyssa and the Pirates." While the themes (and characters) are adult, the depictions are fairly tame. Fun parts are covered at all times, and the swearing is kept to a minimum, if it appears at all.

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