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Lomax isn’t exactly happy with who he is and the direction his life is going, and his family constantly switching homes isn’t helping things either.

Stuck in what seems to be a never-ending cycle he feels weak, powerless and unable to change his situation. Having recently moved to a small old town called Silverdalen, he isn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

However, Silverdalen will soon prove to be quite different from anything Lomax has ever experienced before. On the very first day of school he’s approached by someone who seems to see big potential in the weak-willed teen, and who offers him what is claimed to be “the key to change his life”. It seems to be too sweet of a deal but in the end Lomax hesitantly accepts, hoping to become a stronger, less pathetic human being, and maybe even get some friends in the process.

Lomax’s life does change, and drastically at that. For better or worse, who’s to say?

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