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Crunchy Bunches brand sweetened oat and rice and corn breakfast cereal is enjoyed the world over by kids of all ages, and like any respectable cereal, Crunchy Bunches has a mascot. The job of a Cereal Mascot isn’t always easy. For one, only the most adventurous mascots find the exotic flavors and magical shapes hidden throughout the world’s far-away, secret places. On top of that, you’d be surprised how many enemies a mascot can make; sneaky creatures bent on spreading hunger and famine at the breakfast table, jealous competitors out to steal original recipes, dark ancient gods who don’t want to share their marshmallows, even a few lawyers get involved!

Here we chronicle the adventures of Munchy, mascot of Crunchy Bunches, founder of the Crunch Club, inventor of Glow-In-The-Dark cereal, and all-around swell guy.

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