Kill Six Billion Demons

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Kill Six Billion Demons, commonly abbreviated as KSBD, (or K6BD) is a webcomic. Inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, religious mythology, and philosophy, it is written and drawn by Abbadon, who launched the series in 2013.[1] In keeping to its religious overtones, every page within Kill Six Billion Demons is considered an offering, though to what being or deity these offerings are made toward is never explicitly stated. Most offerings contain bonus material, which may contain anything from religious excerpts to author commentary. Far beyond Earth, the multiverse is in chaos as criminals rule and callous kings maintain a fragile peace. One day, a mysterious and bloody figure appears to a woman named Allison and bestows her with a legendary artifact known as a Key of Kings. By doing so, he transports her into Throne, a land as mysterious as it is bizarre. But when rumors about the Key begin to spread, Allison must not only learn to face herself, but ensure the security of the world at large.
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