Beyond the Western Deep

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"Prior to the Four Kingdoms There was naught but chaos…" "The Four Kingdoms" is the name of the landmass comprising the kingdoms of Sunsgrove, Aisling, Navran, and Kishar. Before a treaty ended countless years of war and racial strife, the many races of the land found themselves constantly at odds, unable to maintain even the simplest of alliances. This all changed when the Canid – a strong and ambitious race from the frozen and bitter Northern Wastes – invaded Ermehn lands in what is now Aisling. Battle lines were drawn, and all races in the land were pulled into a massive war that claimed thousands of lives. The Treaty of Cenolau, named for the neutral city at the very center of the continent, ended the conflict, drawing borders around the kingdoms for the very first time. Since the dawn of history, civilization has begun to take root. There is little hope it will succeed.
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