Elements of Light

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Verum is a world far beyond and far different than our own; a harsh terrain where the seas foam with leviathans colonized as large oceanic cities; where the forests grow wild into the crystalline skies and the deserts harbor great kingdoms inhabited by vibrant and hostile races of creatures and peoples. Be they horned humans versed in sciences, powerful maidens endowed with crafting incredible spells, or humanoid jackals with incredible psychic abilities, one element stands firm in their quest to survive against the next race... the laws of Magic! Magic can cure the sick, restore crops... or deliver a deadly vengeance to a rival sect of peoples, even if it is in the name of a god. All life on Verum in some shape or form competes for control of Magic. However, the more intelligent species seek to penetrate the Veil, the rings of the grand planet-kingdom Verum orbits... Altus-Diety. This mysterious sanctuary is said to be the legendary race of gods known as the Nu. To receive the blessings of these gods is to gain their powers, to reshape the laws of magic and the universe to their will.

This story is about an alchemist named Aydan. With big dreams, this scientist's everyday life begins to turn inside out with new hopes and dreams of one day being able to create synthetic magic!

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