Platinum Black

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For thousands of years, early human civilizations passed around tales of a strange continent full of fearsome, hostile, man-eating monsters. Several hundred years ago the island of Allemune was “discovered” by Europeans looking to colonize new land, who were promptly driven out by the advanced society of sentient, talking creatures already living there. Fast forward to the modern world, humans have found their place in Allemune and the native inhabitants of the island tolerate them as long as they play by the rules, but they still choose to remain as politically isolated and self-sustaining as possible. Humans in the outside world tend to view the continent as a novelty, a dark religious omen, and a last resort for refugees looking to escape any situation worse than living in a country full of giant talking animals that might eat you, while others are drawn by stories of the “Platinum” regenerators and their valuable, otherworldly flesh.
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