A Year in Hereafter

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The story takes place in three parallel universes: Our modern world as we believe to know it. Land of the Dead, Tuonela, an enigmatic borderless realm that dwells in the middle. Then finally Kalevala, a landmass populated by an oldfashioned nation, and creatures also.

Year In Herafter doesn't repeat the events of the traditional Kalevala-epic, but rather lives on the inheritance of its heroes and anti-sorts, telling the story of three new heroes from borders beyond realms. The comic tells their journey to defeat the Nine Diseases, ultimately leading them to their mother and the new ruling mistress of the North, Loviatar.

As the Kalmahinen, the primary malevolent force rising from Lapland's silent wetland attempt to rise to power, they taint the land and everything that lives from it. The sudden rising numbers in this enigmatic and ill natured otherworldly army has been kept back by a number of guardiangs in the Harmonsuo family, sacrificing their young to their little-known cause in the seventh generation today. As this unknown force begins to grow stronger and more unpredictable, the heroes and their helper are taken to a journey unto Väinölä's coldening winds and under Pohjola's brightest stars, all the way to the very root of this evil, ultimately to quench it.


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