The Gifts of Darkness

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Added on: 2017-04-28 12:50:15

Categories: genre:fantasy genre:romance topic:glbt advisory:Web NC-17 archetype:angels and demons

At 23 years old, Adrien is quite late to become a sorcerer's apprentice - but that's where his life has led him, and he intends to try his best. He travels far from home and to an isolated tower in the wilderness to meet his new mentor, the sorcerer Valerion.

The two strike an important connection: Valerion guides Adrien's chaotic personality with seemingly infinite kindness, and Adrien brings companionship and a long-forgotten joy to Valerion's lonely life. As their lives entwine, they begin to understand and accept who they are, and they learn to embrace the darkness that makes both true honesty and true love possible.

What they will discover - about themselves, and about each other - will change their lives.

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