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“Solve a mystery; save a life; help a stranger; kill a friend.”

Whatever all of that means.

But at its core, STREETCROWS is just a webcomic. It's a webcomic about loss, and grief, and camaraderie. And it's a webcomic where you decide what happens next.

STREETCROWS is set in an about-to-be-dystopia. The city of Aberration has closed its borders and stationed military patrol along the walls. Curfew, martial law, strict border control--these things are commonplace. And most agree: they aren't helping.

The city of Aberration is under siege from within. Someone, somewhere, be they one or a group, is abducting people. Over the past two years, one hundred and twenty people have gone missing. Forty of them have resurfaced--dead. The bodies share identical wounds and are staged in a specific, identical way. No one knows who or what is causing this ongoing slaughter; no one knows who will disappear next.

What's more is, the scenes are identical to the smaller Aberration Spree Killings of 10 years prior...

Follow two protagonists and a wide supporting cast as they each attempt to resolve the mystery in their own way.

ORION, the as-of-recently sole heir to the Atlas corporation, which has a monopoly on the refinement and sale of magical gemstones, has fallen out of their own life following the disappearance of their twin sister. They stray further from their father and the police, and join a group of vigilantes who all seek to solve the Aberration killings: Streetcrows. With new companions, Ori sets out to save their sister.

MALLORY, who has been in prison for the last ten years, has been temporarily saved from death row by one Special Investigator Quinn--but her hometown isn't a home anymore, and the case she tried to solve ten years ago is only repeating itself. Walking the law with Quinn, she must manage without dwelling too hard on Death looming behind her--and, on top of it all, her personal connections to Streetcrows.

Every update contains a link to an inbox where you input a suggestion for the next update. The next course of action is then selected from the inbox and the next chunk of pages is drawn based on them. Of course, there is an overarching plot and mystery; but directing the protagonists is your task. The pieces move around you. But I'm still your friend. As GM, I pick the most interesting submissions--but I will never intentionally pick "bad" choices just for the sake of punishing your characters. Sometimes bad things happen; and bad things aren't your fault. Well, most of the time.

Wanna solve a mystery? Wanna forget what gender is? Wanna dabble in blood magic? Wanna kiss girls?

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