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Fenlands is a Victorian horror story about Aisling, an Irish immigrant and a medium. Mind you, she is not a particularly good medium. Most of the time she just sees strange things from the corner of her eye and wishes it all went away. She does have a very cool magical companion though, Mister Caoimhín. He can also see things, which, granted, is not that strange given that he is a cat.

Aisling is working her way from house to house as a maid, looking for her place in life. Immigrants, especially Irish ones with red hair that talk to cats are not on demand on her day and age. So the job at Abercrombie manor feels like a heaven sent. OK the swamp right outside is kinda creepy and she does keep seeing ghosts everywhere she looks, but it’s probably fine. All fine. Right? No, probably not. It is a horror story, after all.

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