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Added on: 2020-11-28 08:44:47

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Categories: genre:sci-fi topic:glbt

In a war-torn universe governed by elemental magic, a mysterious force - called The Void - has left the once beautiful cosmos in ruins. A century later, the Cosmics: 8 unique elemental demigods, have been busy repairing their damaged home from the catastrophe.

Lunik, god of Ice; and Sol, god of fire, are the newest recruits to the Cosmics. Following the mysterious and tragic death of their predecessors, they'll do just about anything to prove their worth. Upon rescuing a mysterious human girl from the edge of the universe, the two newbie gods are assigned the most trivial mission of them all - babysitting.

However, the young girl has her own mission in mind. She inadvertently drags the three of them into strange worlds, forbidden secrets, and ancient evils in a wild adventure through the cosmos. And as the three discover more about the Void and the universe, they soon realize that their simple task will be a whole lot harder than they expected.

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