De La Isla

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Added on: 2020-12-19 11:14:07

Comic status (since 2021-12-05): Completed

Categories: genre:fantasy advisory:Web PG site:Webtoon art:manga style format:episodic setting:historical

Ximena, heiress to the rich Velasquez family, and Valeria, one of the family’s maids, grew up together like sisters.

Now it's time for Ximena to do her family proud and become a magician's apprentice, to someday protect their island nation. Ximena is terrified. Valeria is jealous. Being a magician is everything the maid's ever wanted. Perhaps this is more than any friendship can bear.

(De La Isla is my first graphic novel, updating every Tuesday. Thank you for reading! -Lorena)

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