Caves and Critters

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery genre:furry topic:glbt advisory:Web NC-17 advisory:violence advisory:nudity advisory:profanity advisory:nsfw format:episodic

Featuring a primarily anthropomorphic (aka furry) cast and a variety of different 'groups' making their way through the world's various troubles, Caves and Critters is a tale of swords, sourcery (and yes, that is spelt correctly in the comic's context) and, occasionally, sex. Sexy sex. Of the sex variety.

In case the last paragraph didn't make it clear, Caves and Critters is strictly 18+ - featuring adult themes both obscene and violent from time to time. Unlike some furry comics, however, the sex remains strictly 'appropriate' in timing. This isn't a world where characters will just randomly shag a stranger in the middle of a busy tavern; but hey, when you're wandering the wilderness with a couple of well-built and attractive fellers, stuff's gonna happen.

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