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The universe is full of life. Planets, stars, even black holes are sentient, living organisms, capable of thought and emotion like any other creature. Celestials move through the galaxies capable of unimaginable feats, ancient and god-like power their birthright, while mortals can only pray they do not catch the attention of such beings.

Laura “Leadfoot” is a young woman on a mission. Famous Celestials – including Jupiter and Mars – have vanished from the Sol System, and she feels it’s her duty to learn what happened to them.

On an unfamiliar planet and being hunted by two of the most powerful individuals on it – one a Black Hole, the other the King of the Criminal Underworld – Leadfoot seeks sanctuary with a strange group of people who work for a Witch. This Witch claims to be able to grant any wish – for the right price.

Updates two new pages every Monday. Action/Adventure/Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author Rating: PG-13 for violence

Content Warnings: violence, blood, bodily injury, body horror, smoking

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