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Added on: 2021-12-11 11:13:08

Categories: genre:horror genre:horror:supernatural genre:horror:lovecraftian genre:weird topic:religion topic:school advisory:Web NC-17 advisory:violence advisory:nudity advisory:profanity advisory:nsfw format:episodic setting:culture:american

A surreal psychological story regarding a boy grappling with internal conflicts and a fate otherwordly in origin; shed alight by his doppelganger.

The story is set in a fictional time and location on east coast USA. It begins with David, a freshman starting high school in 1990s. He meets Karen, a sophomore repeating history class for the semester. Her engagement becomes a catalyst for David's solitary world.

Instability persists and haunts him.

This comic has observations and themes related to dreams, loneliness, sex, art, and mental illness. It is intended for mature audiences only.

It is a long story with two parts, gradually unraveling towards the purpose. First part featuring school and daily life.

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