Kill Witch Kill

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Categories: genre:sci-fi genre:fantasy advisory:violence

The story is set in a decaying world sundered by a long war between the dominant powers that be. It’s a world where sorcery and high technology have long since blurred together, where knowledge has been lost and reinvented several times over. Where humanity has made first contact both once, twice, and six times. At the point of the story, where humanity begins and where it ends, isn’t all that clear. A world where very high powered war has ebbed and flowed for thousands of years.

Frankly, the state of things are a bit of a mess.

The story follow our protagonist, going by the name Corinth Densha, by title Vizier of the Moab Empire, and her ambition to overthrow the Fulcrum. Things have seemingly been going quite well for her! Surely a good omen.

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